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Making of a Website.

To design a website you need to know about few Languages and Scripts.
Server side Scripts mean which play on your Personal Computerand Server side Scripts mean those Scripts which play on Web Server.

What is PHP?

PHP is an abbreviation of “Hypertext Pre-Processor”. It is a computer language used to create web pages. Nowadays it is being used by most of the website developers because its script is open source and run on the web server. Its setup is free of cost. You can install it online. Those who are new to the world of web technology can take a good start with the PHP language.
All files in PHP are saved with the extension of “.php” and they consist of fine code and Javascript. HTML is used in the PHP code. Many of its characteristics are advanced and that’s why developers commonly use it. You can create dynamic pages through PHP code. You can easily upload its files on the web server. The forms can be created in PHP. It can be

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What is HTML editor?

Front Page is software in which you can create web pages with the content, pictures and videos, etc. First time, it was introduced by the Cambridge, Massachusetts Co. Now, there are many versions of the Front Page including 1.0, 1.1, MS Front Page 97, MS Front Page for Macintosh 1.0, etc. The latest one is MS office Front Page 2003. It can be said an HTML editor that does not necessarily requires you to learn HTML, however, it is better to understand 4 types of views, i.e.
1- Design View
2- Preview View
3- Code View &
4- Split View
In design view, it is very simple to drag the text and picture and drop it on the page. Code view consists of

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What is HTML?

HTML means “Hyper Text Mark-Up Language. It is a language code that computer can understand or in simple words, you can call it one of the several web technologies. Let us break the parts of HTML and understand what it actually refers to?
Hyper means that any web page can be accessed by the visitor without any specific order or place. The Text is simply whatever content you add to your website in English generally. Markup refers to the code used for the formatting of text, e.g. for heading, you can use <h1> in the start of the text and </h1> at the end of words. These are also called “HTML Tags”. Language represents the machine language for the understanding of a web

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What is Javascript?


Javascript is a computer language for building websites. It executes on the system of the visitor of your website. It is widely used for online quiz, game development and election purposes. It is gaining popularity on almost all devices including web servers, personal computer, iPhones, tablet PC, notebooks and laptops, etc.
Javascript runs in almost all the main web browsers that the users of your site have installed on their computer, e.g. google chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Safari, etc. When a visitor opens the website, Javascript runs by default. You do not need to learn it particularly rather get the know-how of pasting the available code on your web pages from another website.
Microsoft included Javascript in the Internet Explorer in 1996 when its new version 3.0 appeared on the scene. It began to use the word ‘Dynamic HTML” for Javascript. Again, Microsoft renamed it as Jscript for its separate trademark. Now, Oracle Corporation has adopted Javascript as their trademark.
Javascript should not be confused with the programming language “Java”. It has nothing to do with Java. These are two different web technologies. First time, Brendan Eich introduced Javascript as a programming language in Netscape. ECMA followed it in 1997. Earlier in 1995, it was called Livescript and was renamed later. Nowadays, Javascript is being implemented in various applications. Node.js is one of its latest examples.
Javascript is different from HTML code as it creates dynamic web pages, however, server side programming can be used in place of Javascript. You should save the Javascript files separately so that it may be reused later at ease. You can add Javascript in the HTML web page. It is easy to understand and grasp the concepts of this scripting language.
Javascript does not require any specific software to be installed for writing. It can simply be written in text file. The Formatters are also there to format the Javascript code in an efficient manner.


One of its major features is that HTML elements can be changed with the help of Javascript. It can also change the pictures as well as styles developed in HTML, thus it adds the functionality of HTML. Javascript standard is also called ECMA-262.
From time to time, several versions of Microsoft Jscript appeared for example 1.0, 1.1 to 1.8 and presently 1.8.2 and 1.8.5 have been introduced in 2010. As a scripting language, Javascript has been embedded in Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, Sphere, Methabot. Many mobile applications and games are being developed in Javascript including the Unity, DX Studio games, etc. IRC clients are also using Javascript due to its scripting feature.
One of the disadvantages of Javascript is Buffer Overflow. Due to this error, someone can attack by writing scripts and when the user will visit the web page, their desired code will execute on his machine. Operating System can also be accessible to the attacker in this case. This error has a negative effect on the popular web browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc..


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