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What is Web Hosting?

When you create a website and want to grant access to all the users worldwide via an internet
connection, you need to upload it on the web server and get a web hosting service. There are
several companies that have space on their own web server or the leased one for uploading your website and they will charge you a specific amount against their service.
Some of the companies provide free web hosting service. When it is done, the visitors will be able to view your website any time they want. This is because it is operating 24 hours a day and 7 days a week across the globe through internet. For your personal
website, the web hosting will almost be free, but for the business concerns, it becomes costly. Data Centre Space and internet connection is given by the web hosts to the other servers present in the range of their data center as well.

It is named as Collocation. File hosting can also be availed using FTP, i.e. File Transfer Protocol that allows you to upload your files over the internet. A good web hosting service is the one that offers you support all the time, grants you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, a number of databases, gives you access to FTP, number of users online, a rich DBMS, i.e. Data Base Management System, e.g. MySQL, etc. It will provide you control panel online so that you may supervise your website according to your requirements all the time.

There is another option that you host your website on your own. It is possible if you have a web server and strong internet access. It is necessary that ISP (Internet Service Provider) allows you to use it. You should also be skillful enough to configure and maintain the web server, manage firewall settings, anti-virus and patch control. But, this type of self web hosting is not popular among the website owners. They prefer to hire the services of some reliable web host.
There are various hosting packages offered by the companies to the website owners such as economy package, deluxe package and the Premium package plan for one month web hosting.
You can select any of the hosting plans that suit your needs if more than one plan is given.
The most popular web hosting sites are zappyhost and godaddy. There are some special hosts for the e-commerce sites and online shopping store. Many big companies are associated with them.
For the beginners of a website, shared hosting is the best one because it is not as much expensive and works as a separate site. Your own domain name is used and the user doesn’t know
that you have shared hosting; however, you are sharing the web server with the other websites in this type of hosting.
When the traffic of your website increases, you can avail the hosting of the dedicated server. It provides web hosting just for your site. Other types of web hosting include virtual dedicated
server, reseller, cloud, clustered, grid and managed hosting services.

How to promote a website?
In this developed era, the competition of online business through websites is growing very fast and you have to put your efforts to promote your website and make a place in the field of online marketing concerns. Let us discuss some useful and wonderful ways of how to promote a website in an efficient manner:

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How to Design a Website?.
Creating a website is the demand of the present time as the trend is growing rapidly and every business concern is interested in running its business online through its website. Designing a website is not an easy task as it is considered because there is much more than its appearance. Here’s how to design a good website:
First and foremost thing is to meet the requirements of the customers related to your business.
What is a Domain Name?
A domain name is a distinct name of a website or other online resources that depicts the main objective of a company. It is a unique identifying name and cannot be allotted to any other website. A domain name is same as the logo and slogan of a company that cannot be copied and all rights are reserved by the website owner. It is chosen after analyzing the complete marketing strategy and business motive. That’s why it is a major source of your goodwill if selected according to the trends of the targeted visitors.

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